Bringing The Future Into The Present.

Aramis ($ARM) is a versatile token with a DECENTRALIZED nature, primarily emphasizing zero-cost trading. Its smart contract has just a few lines of Solidity code, no ownership, ZERO fees, no hidden taxes or conditions and is 100% immutable. Aramis is cryptocurrency in its purest form.

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1% Distribution to All Wallets

We are thrilled to announce an exciting development for our valued community! As a gesture of our appreciation and to foster continued engagement, we are distributing a 1% airdrop to all wallets holding our token.

- **Airdrop Percentage:** 1% of the total tokens in EACH WALLET! E.g. - If your wallet contains 1,000,000 ARM you will receive 10,000 ARM.

- **Eligibility:** All BSC wallets holding ARAMIS as of July 15th

- **Distribution Date:** July 15th - August 15th


**What You Need to Do:**


Absolutely nothing! The airdrop will be automatically distributed to all eligible wallets. Simply ensure your tokens are stored in a wallet where you control the private keys.


**Why We’re Doing This:**


This airdrop is our way of thanking you for your support and participation in our community. We believe in rewarding our token holders and encouraging long-term engagement and growth.


**Key Points to Remember:**


1. **ARAMIS Token Contract** 0x734f628178a40d2c7275f35678a8199fab5341f9

2. **Check Your Wallet:** Ensure your tokens are in a wallet where you have full control (avoid exchanges, if possible, as they may not credit the airdrop).

3. **Stay Informed:** Follow our official channels for any updates regarding the airdrop and other exciting news.

4. **Spread the Word:** Let others in the community know about the airdrop and encourage them to participate.


Thank you for being an integral part of our journey. We look forward to your continued support as we achieve new milestones together.
2024 Airdrop

A better financial approach.

We are a team of business entrepreneurs with many years of experience in the IT industry. New technologies and decentralized finances are our main points of interest.
We created Aramis ($ARM) token to be used in our future finance projects, as a DeFI currency. Our projects will be supporting electronic payments in IT, automotive and retail industries. In order to achieve that, we needed to create a cryptocurrency that is both rewarding and affordable for our investors, and economically viable for inter-industry partnerships.

Building on BEP20 smart chain

There's more than one blockchain used in today's crypto world, some of them ore "old" and slow, some are slow and are cost ineffective and then some are newer and faster but are not scalable nor suitable for a startup. When you think of a young, modern multi-purpose cryptocurrency - an asset that is used both as a trading currency and as an investment - you think not only about security but sustainability. That's why we've chosen BEP20 - Binance Smart Chain for Aramis ($ARM). BEP20 developed by Binance provides security, decent speed and low fees.  It's also supported by many exchanges worldwide. Building on top of BEP20 will enable fast trading on non-custodial platforms or a full-fledged DEX (Decentralized exchange). We are part of Web 3.0 revolution.



Initial PHASE

✓ Project startup. 12.2021

✓ Contract created and bscscan verification passed.  12.2021

✓ Website launched. Social media promotion. 01.2022

✓ Liquidity pool created and locked on Pancake DEX. 01.2022

✓ Listing on Coinmarketcap, Coinpaprika or similar platforms.

* Smart contract audit.
* Launching Aramis Gaming platform.
* First 5000 investors. Reward event.

* Burn 10% of the total supply.


* Starting the partner programs with retail industry.
* Listing on all major DeFi platforms.

* First 50000 investors. Reward event.

Partnering with other DeFI solutions and developers.

✓ Creating an NFT marketplace (Opensea on ETH currently).

* Becoming accepted as a currency for consumer goods.

* 100000 investors. Aramis Finance startup.

* Aramis Credit Card and payment solution.

* Investing with returns in market cap. Continue growing.


The maximum supply is 1 Billion (1,000,000,000).
Token Symbol is “ARM”.
Public listing liquidity is 100% founders backed.
No mining, Aramis is designed to be deflationary.
ZERO buy/sell/transfer fees. CLEAN, No hidden conditions.
No ownership. Immutable. Once deployed it's on its own.
No presale. No backstage promotions.
Liquidity is 60% of total supply, locked in Pancake Swap.
10% of the total supply are reserved for rewards, including volunteers' rewards as airdrops, promotions, etc.. The remaining unrewarded tokens will be burned by the end of 1st year.
30% of total supply will be added to the liquidity pool after 1 year. The developers will not own any free or granted tokens.
On Binance Smart Chain BEP20.

Price (USD)
Circulating supply
Total supply

Get your start here.

To buy Aramis directly on Pancake Swap simply click the <Buy> button from the top menu.

An easier way is to use Aramis SWAP that will give you all the necessary tools to trade Aramis with zero fees and see the order book and the chart as it happens.
Note that you can buy it with BNB, USDT, BUSD or any other currency that is supported by Aramis SWAP, as long as it is on BEP20 network. (E.g. USDT is circulating on ERC20, BEP20, Solana, etc., make sure it is BEP20 USDT). If you are new to the DEX trading then we recommend you to read the brief instructions below about how to setup your wallet. We recommend Metamask or Trust wallet, as these two are the most used for DEX interactions (DEX = decentralized exchange)

Using Trust WalleT
1. Purchase BNB, BUSD (BEP20 network)
You can purchase BNB on Binance, Crypto.com or another exchange.

2. Send BNB or BUSD to Trust Wallet

Create a Trust wallet (can be downloaded on app store). Then send your BNB or BUSD (BEP20) from your exchange of choice to your Trust wallet.

3. Swap BNB for Smart Chain BNB (BEP20)*

This can easily be done when viewing the BNB balance in your Trust wallet.
*Note:  If you're in US, BNB will give you BEP2 instead of smart chain BEP20 so you need to swap them but if you're in Europe or the rest of the world you may have already bought Smart Chain BNB (BEP20) so skip this step.

4. Swap $BNB/$BUSD for $ARM on
Aramis SWAP (recommended) or PancakeSwap.

Connect your Trust wallet to Aramis SWAP and simply start trading.

For PancakeSwap, visit pancakeswap.finance and connect your wallet then paste ARM contract address into the token field to swap $BNB or $BUSD for Aramis $ARM.

Always confirm the Aramis  official contract address: 0x734f628178a40d2c7275f35678a8199fab5341f9

5. Done

Let us know on our official discord, telegram, twitter or instagram that you're now a member of the Musketeers
Using Metamask wallet
1. Purchase BNB or BUSD (BEP20 network)
You can purchase BNB on Binance, Crypto.com or another exchange.

2. Install Metamask
Visit metamask.io to download the Metamask browser extension and create a wallet. You can also download  Metamask app on your Apple & Android phone.

You need to add BEP20 network in Metamask > Setttings > Network prior doing that. Create a new Network and cut & paste the following fields.   

-Network name: Smart Chain
-RPC url: https://bsc-dataseed.binance.org
-Chain ID: 56
-Symbol: BNB
-Block Explorer: https://bscscan.com

3. Transfer BNB or BUSD (BEP20 network only) to your Metamask wallet from your Binance or Trust wallet.

Note: If you are in US then Binance will most likely sell you BNB BEP2 instead of BEP20 so you need the Trust wallet to swap them prior transferring to Metamask wallet. (see on the left "How to buy with Trust wallet" step 3)

4. Swap $BNB/$BUSD for $ARM on Aramis SWAP (recommended) or PancakeSwap
Make sure your Metamask wallet is set on Binance Smart Chain network. Connect your wallet to Aramis SWAP and simply start trading.
For PancakeSwap, visit pancakeswap.finance and connect your wallet then paste our token address into PancakeSwap to swap $BNB or $BUSD to $ARM.
Always confirm the Aramis official contract address: 0x734f628178a40d2c7275f35678a8199fab5341f9

5. Done

Let us know on our official discord, telegram, twitter or instagram that you're now a member of the Musketeers.

Verified contract
Pancake Trading
featured on COINPAPRIKA
Screenshot 2022-11-08 at 19-21-57 Aramis Price (ARM_WBNB) on Pancakeswap V2
Listed on CoinGecko Terminal
Listed on blockspot
listed on coinbrain
Featured on bogged charts
CMC listing (coming soon)
Aramis Games (Coming soon)

Aramis lead team

Victor V. Project Manager
Traian A. Senior Developer
Payment Solutions
George L. Marketing Director
DanIEL V. Specialist
Global Markets
Nathan L. Analyst
Multimedia, PR
Masashi A. Developer
Payment Solutions