Aramis SWAP

Version 1.1
How to:
-Connect your wallet
-Set the token pairs you want to trade. (Default ARM/BNB).
-Set slippage to 0.5%...1%
*BSC gas fee=5Gwei ($0.32). ARM has no fees!

Metamask Setup

You need to add Binance Smart Chain (aka BSC/BEP20) network and import Aramis Token  prior connecting your wallet.
To do that, create a new Network in Metamask > Setttings > Network and cut & paste the following fields.   
-Network name: Smart Chain
-RPC url:
-Chain ID: 56
-Symbol: BNB
-Block Explorer:

Import Aramis $ARM contract from - see Profile summary > Add Token to Web3 Wallet.
importing the token from BscScan will ensure the contract address is correct and the token will appear with the symbol and logo in your wallet.

Transfer BNB or BUSD (BEP20 network only) to your Metamask wallet then connect and start trading.
*Unlike usual cryptocurrencies, Aramis Token itself has ZERO fees. The only fees taken are BSC blockchain fees, by default 5 Gwei (aprox 0.000867 BNB per transaction)

Fair Use Disclaimer: Aramis SWAP is using aggregator and charts. All rights and credit go to their copyright owners.